@Gazimoff @gwince Nice! And I see you're using v4x I need to update mine. I'll get to it! :D <3

Playing for the first time, multiplayer with friends. I picked a role, and realized my friend was our healer. We're doomed. Told the group, I was their "DNS". Cause apparently DPS is not a thing. I completely misspoke. I really need to get out more. Sigh.

@Gazimoff @gwince Considering it's a small community platform, just needed enough to handle being part of the fedi. :D I remember when you made one. What methods did you remember.

@Gazimoff @gwince Just a simple box with 4Gs of memory, 2 CPUs and all images stored in a CDN.

Instead of sending Christmas cards, me and @josey make a donation to charity. This Christmas, we've chosen two charities. These are leedswomensaid.co.uk and homelessstreetangels.co.uk

One of the things I am deeply committed to is learning. Digging into new topics. Learning new things. Sharing what I have learned.

My heart is breaking for the women of Afghanistan. I have absolutely no words. It's left me utterly speechless.

One of the journalists Twitter banned found out that you can still join Twitter Spaces from a banned account. So, a bunch of the banned journalists were hosting a Twitter Space discussing Elon's actions. Eventually, Elon himself joined the Space, then after getting grilled for a few minutes, unplugged the entire Twitter Spaces infrastructure because he couldn't figure out how to ban them ☠️​

Woke up to a server going down. All sorted, but of course with that kind of wake up comes an earwig.

This morning's server issues playlist: Primus - My name is mud.

Quite a few new people joining us. Having learned a lot from @deviantollam, I am going to recommend a two things.

1. Watch this video: youtube.com/watch?v=P-jYZLs2j1 It will help explain what Mastodon is, and offers several tips for how to save your tweets, connect with those moving, pick a place to connect, etc.

2. Be sure you understand the rules of the Mastodon server you selected.

Finally! Welcome! I hope you find joy here!

One of my biggest challenges right now is picking what game to play. I have limited free time, and so many games I want to play. So many different genres. It's insane.

The game adds a blueprint maker. Gives a fixed size for what you can blueprint. Also has a holiday event called going on.

Our first blueprint breaks the boundaries (and works) and includes rather tall candy canes.

And for the keen observer, yes we're using dracula theme colours for our factory parts.

@aeva Context! I need context! :o I call it different things based on the context of the conversation!

@stargrace you're the 4th person to make mention of the muscle memory. That is nice. I heard blueprints are a thing now too.

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