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Today is the funeral of a dear friend who was taken from us way too soon. Only 48 years old. No warning. Take the time today to tell the people you love them. Take the time to listen to them. You never know the conversation you're having will be the last.

I'm enjoying listening to my student try and say "instantiation" over and over. It's incredibly heartening to me as it means they really want to understand it.

Me: It's rather foggy outside.
@gwince : It's not foggy... it's just so expensive that they turned down the render distance.

For some reason I am obsessed with this song. I can't put my finger on it, but something about the melody and chorus just jive with me.

Looking forward to today. Going to be teaching OO to someone, along with refreshing my knowledge on network services and the enumeration of them. It's looking to be a very good day.

With the migraine in full force, the dark room calls.

I developed a tool to show you your twitter friends on #mastodon:

👉 All data stays in your browser
👉 No CSV import neccesary
👉 List can be sorted by sign-up date, so that you can find new accounts fast

Noice. Stranded: Alien Dawn (early access on steam) won. Now I can take all the time I want to build a nice colony and everything and not worry about letting my ants escape the planet. 😈

My covid and flu booster done. This weekend should be GREAT fun. :o

Found on reddit. Shared to ensure your Mastodon streams are filled with adorableness.

Next week, I take back up learning Korean and Dutch. Should be fun.

@josey fitting because you love so big, and I can’t imagine your community not doing the same 💜

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