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Quite a few new people joining us. Having learned a lot from @deviantollam, I am going to recommend a two things.

1. Watch this video: It will help explain what Mastodon is, and offers several tips for how to save your tweets, connect with those moving, pick a place to connect, etc.

2. Be sure you understand the rules of the Mastodon server you selected.

Finally! Welcome! I hope you find joy here!

One of my biggest challenges right now is picking what game to play. I have limited free time, and so many games I want to play. So many different genres. It's insane.

The game adds a blueprint maker. Gives a fixed size for what you can blueprint. Also has a holiday event called going on.

Our first blueprint breaks the boundaries (and works) and includes rather tall candy canes.

And for the keen observer, yes we're using dracula theme colours for our factory parts.

You: Oh no the world is burning

InfoSec workers: Already been done now currently

It's Monday! Whoo. Or something. I decided to get involved with TryHackMe's Advent this year. Good fun so far!

If ya wanna give it a go:

Today's musical choice is pure 80s! Got any good 80s recommendations?

I've been involved with technology at some level my entire life. As I've started to refresh my knowledge in the world of security, it's interesting to me how much something I told someone reddit a long time ago is true.

"Welcome to the field where the more things change, the more they stay the same."

When it's really early in the morning, or incredibly late at night (depending on when I wake) I like to put videos like this on one of my monitors while doing other things.

Today is the funeral of a dear friend who was taken from us way too soon. Only 48 years old. No warning. Take the time today to tell the people you love them. Take the time to listen to them. You never know the conversation you're having will be the last.

I'm enjoying listening to my student try and say "instantiation" over and over. It's incredibly heartening to me as it means they really want to understand it.

Me: It's rather foggy outside.
@gwince : It's not foggy... it's just so expensive that they turned down the render distance.

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